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How We Started

Wally’s Natural Inc. first started as an Ear Care company manufacturing and selling products geared toward the natural consumer with its holistic Ear Candles and organic Ear Oil. From there Wally’s expanded to include Skin Care products by introducing its Organic Body Oil, along with its range of Organic Aromatherapy blends. From its humble beginnings Wally’s Natural has managed to grow into the company it is today selling over one million Ear Candles each year. 


What We’re About

From the get-go Wally’s Natural has been all about providing environmentally responsible, quality products that help their consumers take time for themselves, and live a better life. At Wally’s we’re all about sourcing the highest quality raw materials like using only premium bees, soy and paraffin waxes and unbleached cotton muslin in our ear candles. And an array of USDA certified organic essential oils and carrier oils, along with packaging material that comes from sustainably managed forests.

 While quality is a top priority for our ingredients, how they’re sourced is equally important. Wally’s strives to have all the materials that go into finished products come from sustainable sources, and are cultivated using environmentally friendly practices. This also carries over to the way we manufacture our products. All our products are manufactured in a facility that uses solar power in our headquarters in Auburn, California, employing practices that minimize waste and maximize recycling.